Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to Talk To The Women iun Our Lives About Plastic Surger

As I reported in my last e-mail young girls and women are constantly bombarded with shows like "Nick and Tuck" which is basically talking to girl's and women's concerns about their place in society, how they are treated by others, etc... This population learns that the way to get ahead socially and in the workforce is to get plastic surgery to make them look almost model like and in that way they can grab the power they most desperately need. The problem with that thinking is the surgery will not make you different person or more popular, get you dates or make you a supermodel.

I am sure if you talk to girls and women who have had plastic surgery especially rhinoplasty that it didn't change their lives at all. In fact for some they have been hit with such a public scrutiny, especially if the surgery significantly altered the way they look. As a result these girls and women end up suffering with a life filled with anxiety and depression and a feeling of remourse for what they have done.

Plastic Surgeons are tricky in advertising their services. Using the internet by some of these doctors gives them ways to creatively and effectively market their services and that of their colleagues.

The other day when I opened up my aol account, there was a news flash on the internet entitled , The Number On Reason Women Have Cosmetic Surgery. The piece was written by a plastic surgeon and goes on to talk about the common misconceptions about why women have cosmetic surgery. The kind of categories that are mentioned are; They do it to attract men (husband chasing after a younger woman); They do it to boost their career (It's easier to find a job if you are "attractive"); They have to look better than their friends; They do it to look like their favorite movie star (Then their life will be glamorous and exciting too !). The article goes on to say the number one reason why women have cosmetic surgery is that they are unhappy about their bodies.

It goes on to discuss all the positive things that cosmetic surgery can do for you. Basically the commentary provided readers with alluring information that made plastic surgery so appealing that women would jump at the chance to be elevated into a life of luxury and privelege. In the beginning of the piece it appeared that this was against plastic surgery but as you read on you see it is an advertisement. A whole list of plastic surgeons advertise on this online news article. This happened to be the Ezine Articles.

How can we help the sisters in our lives avoid this pitfall before it is too late ? More on talking points for girls and women who are contemplating plastic surgery.


  1. Thank you for sharing these thoughts and for providing other ideas on plastic surgery. It should definitely not be taken lightly!

  2. Wow thats a lot of interesting information! I believe natural beauty is the best!

  3. I think there is no way to isolate plastic surgeries from women. Everybody (even in her deep thoughts) thinks about a magic pill or method which can makes her life happier within hours.
    To fight with such a "lifting movement" is very hard especially during the summer season.